We are members of the Horn of Africa and the black diaspora that wish to unify our communities on the basis of Pan Africanism and liberation movement building.

The Horn of Africa are the 8 countries: Uganda, Sudan , South Sudan, Kenya, Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia. We understand that these states were carved up and divided by European colonizers and we are inclusive of everyone of African descent. 

We are building a platform that seeks to educate the diaspora, challenge us to learn and unlearn, increase consciousness, and become better comrades for liberation struggles here and abroad.

We want to focus on the foundations of political education, building mutual aid networks, and collaborating with like-minded organizations from the diaspora.

Our aim is to unify all of the people of the Horn of Africa region and the collective diaspora to unite within the framework of global African unity and the black radical tradition.

We are strictly an independent organization.

We do not/will not have affiliations with organizations linked to exploiters under the guise of “spreading democracy to the global south” as that is counteractive to the work we do here.

We aim to arm the people with proper analysis, education, and theory to transform our generation and society.

We seek to create a supportive space where we engage in meaningful self-criticism, growth & political consciousness so that we may be better comrades to each other and to the mission at large.

We are building a community of radical thinkers that are internationalist and pan Africanist in nature.

We are Pan Africans for Liberation and Solidarity.