Nobody is going to teach you your true history and your true heroes because they know that knowledge will help set you free
– Assata Shakur

Our Political Education space is a place for thorough and purposeful discussion about key historical events and ideological issues. 

The building of liberation movements calls for the understanding of liberation theory. We should be bound by a shared analysis, being joint politically and having ideologically clarity.

Diligent learning and unlearning is an imperative necessity to developing a movement effective in giving power to African people.

Members dedicate time to studying and political education in the same manner they dedicate time to other areas of their lives; school, work etc.

We are nourishing a space where analytical, thoughtful engagements are intentionally cultivated whilst upholding attitudes of respect and love for eachother, and everyone can be heard.

Without having critical analysis and without a meaningful understanding of history and theory, the most impactful movements can descend into inadequacy for failing to address the core problems that produced the movements to begin with.